Happy Girl in Nude and Black

[Fashion OOTD] Halo gaes. Apa kabar? Baik-baik kah di tanggal yang amat tua ini? Holiday is over and reality strikes back. Fiuuh it must be really tough to pass this week and wait for payday. Haha kaya lu udah kerja aja ndah -_-.

Anyway to cheer you up waiting payday, i’ll show you my OOTD post. You know, fashion could color your life when life gets so hard. I do love fashion and feel cheered when i see my ootd photo. So, let’s see how i happily dressed my self yesterday.

p.s because most of fashion blogger in Indonesia using English, i type down the intro with English, but the rest will be in Indonesia. I dont want you to catch my grammar failure :p

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Ethnically Nude

[Fashion OOTD] Assalammualaikum gaes. Aku muncul lagi hahaha. Sebelum Juni berakhir, aku harap bisa mengejar target-targetku. Kali ini, aku ingin memberikan kalian inspirasi dalam berpakaian nih gaes di bagian Fashion OOTD. Tumben banget yak. Kebetulan aku di foto beberapa kali dengan temanku dan sepertinya bisa menjadi OOTD ala-ala blogger hitzz ituu ahaha.
Eittss tapi tunggu dulu. Biarpun judulnya ‘nude’, tapi sama sekali ga ada nude-nude yak pos ini. Nude itu warna. So clear up your mind ya buddy wkwkwk. Mau kepoin aku? Klik ‘Read More’ ya :*

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Minggu Kelabu

[FASHION OOTD] Maybe the title remains you to the well-known Indonesian ‘Sinetron’ titled “Kisah Sedih di Hari Minggu”. Today is Sunday and just kinda grey. if you think it’s about my day it goes wrong. it’s about my outfit. Today i’m into grey and love the combination so much.

Sedang disibukkan oleh Perancangan Pabrik yang belum menemukan titik akhirnya. Jadi aku putuskan untuk berfoto ria bersama tiga temanku. they’re crazy enough for taking photos hahaha. selamat melihat outfit for today


I really love the outfit. no inspiration comes from, but i like it. my friends say that it suits me so yap. i ask them to take some photos for my style today :p

From this point, i can conclude that a big yes to navy and grey and it is not always wrong to wear your bigbro pants. By the way ignore the closed fence. just using as accidential property hahaha

From head to toe : unbranded veil, uniqlo sweater, hush puppies male jeans, jansport bag, and nike lunarlon shoes.

Location : FATETA IPB